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Mobile Application

UI/UX Prototype

An application that promotes healthier eating habits for students by rewarding them for following meal-prepping schedules.

The Problem at Hand

Students of higher education are developing improper eating habits. Due to time constraints and distractions, university students are meeting below the recommended daily food intake. Students may lack cooking knowledge since they are moving away from home and they may lack the motivation to stick to a strict eating schedule.


The Solution

A mobile application platform that incentivizes meal prepping and builds a community of cooking enthusiasts. Mealmo keeps students on track with their meal prepping schedule by incorporating rewards from completing tasks and meal preparation. Students can also use the meal prepping calendar to add meal plans while gaining inspiration from the community to save recipes and try out. 











After Effects


January 2021 - March 2021


Janet He, Katie Tran,

Paolo Michele, Jun Lai

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Design Challenge

How can we design a product that can motivate students to stay committed to their pre-planned meal schedules?


The primary audience for our mobile application is higher education students. Our approach involved creating user personas and user scenarios. We also conducted user interviews to gain insights into the perspective of the students. After compiling our interview insight, we brainstormed the system requirements and features we will need for our application. We then created a chart and included indications of priority standings, requirements, rationales, and the system function. Before heading towards the design stage, we established a system map and user flows for the application.


User Research & Interviews


User Flows & Testing

Visual Design & Branding

Storyboarding & Illustrating

Sitemap / System Requirement Chart

mealmo sitemap.png
Frame 6.png

User Flows & Testing

After designing the high fidelity prototype, we conducted user testing sessions. 4 participants were given 15 consecutive tasks to complete (based on the user personas we made). The majority of the user testing had no issues but some friction areas were also discovered. Based on this insight, we refined the UI and UX elements of our application.

Ideation & Prototyping


Subcover 17.png

Promotional Video


For the final step, we decided to introduce Mealmo through a promotional video. As a group, we first did a storyboarding session to determine the flow of the video. We then assigned roles of scripting, illustrating, and animating to each member of the team. We purposely delegated each team member with a role that they can excel best at to ensure that the production of the video will be of the highest quality. For myself, I was responsible for illustrating and refining the script. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.04.17 PM.png

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