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So who am I?

A UX/UI and product designer with hopes of making interfaces fully accessible to any kind of user. Using my talents, I would like to assess and provide design solutions that will always ensure the highest usability. 

There is a certain fulfillment that comes from executing an idea from conception to completion and the design process is always an exciting journey to experience. I am currently working on honing my proficiency in UX research methodologies and expanding my knowledge of user-centered design. I would love to make an impact with my work which can be achieved by primarily focusing on discovering and resolving the needs & wants of the target users. It is my wish to become a part of the new generation of UX/UI designers and create the next world-changing design concept!


I will always be finding new opportunities to showcase my highest efforts and make a difference in any given environment. I am flexible and I am able to excel in both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I will always work to the best of my ability to meet and exceed the set expectations and I am open to all types of design opportunities, especially those involving UI/UX design. If you liked what you saw on my website, feel free to connect with me through email or LinkedIn to see what else I have to offer!

Want to see my past experiences?

Future Aspirations

Becoming a renowned Graphic Designer

Starting my own company

Traveling while doing what I love 

Hobbies of mine

Nail Art/Beauty


Watching Netflix & YouTube

Learning New Adobe Skills

Favourite Video Games


League of Legends

Monster Hunter World


Top Spotify Artists





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